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  • Alden for Jinji

    Since 1884 Alden shoes company offers high-end shoes in the largest American tradition.Alden shoes company is an institution in the purest line of «Shoemakers.» Over 130 years, this iconic brand refines its know-how, focusing around the shoe and comfort. Alden built its reputation by making high-end shoes, and using the craftsmanship of GOODYEAR’S stitching. Alden's popularity is based on its exceptional production than its selected materials through the best leather tannery (Horween in Chicago) in the world. Alden is known for its shoe manufacturing with Cordovan leather, the horse leather with shiny appearance, which is often brown-red color, has since become almost inseparable from Alden. Alden is an art, which goes beyond shoes and an American history.

  • Birdwell Beach Britches

    In 1961, Carrie Birdwell Mann transformed her small house in southern California into a sewing workshop and shop.She launched Birdwell Beach Britches, a brand which became one of the first companies specialized in surf clothes, and turned her living room into one of the first surf shops.

  • Blundstone

    For more than 150 years, Blundstone has been a wholly Australian owned family business headquartered in Hobart, Tasmania.Blundstone is an authentic brand, world-renowned for its boots with elastic bands on the sides.

  • Brown's beach jacket

    Originally designed for outdoor workers in the US in 1901, the jackets of Brown’s Beach are now produced in Japan. If there's a pioneer product in the world of workwear, it would be the Brown's Beach Jacket without any doute.

  • Camoshita United Arrows

    Yasuto Kamoshita, founded the Camoshita United Arrows in 2007 to embody his vision of Japanese style and the elegance. Camoshita United Arrows received the Pitti Immagine Uomo Award in 2013.

  • Clutch / Lightning magazine

    Japanese magazine, Lightning Clutch references the vintage culture. It's the true encyclopedia of the heritage universe, watches, denim, suka jacket, etc. Lightning magazine is a reference for all the cultural heritage. Lightning magazine focuses on the urban culture.

  • Danner

    Since 1932, Danner has been the American specialist of hiking boots.

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