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SC 12oz Denim SLIM Fit Model Enlarge

SC 12oz Denim SLIM Fit Model



Sugar Cane 12oz Denim SLIM Fit
Model Type 3

  • 100% Cotton


  • Slim fit

  • Standard denim

  • Made in Japan

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Sugar Cane 12oz Denim SLIM Fit
Model Type 3


Following the 1947 model and the Type 2, the Type 3 Jeans is a reproduction of the late 1940s, featuring an updated slim-fit silhouette.

The inseam is a little shallower than the 1947 model and more slim straight than the Type 2.

These jeans fit cool with sneakers and lace-up boots.

Sugar Cane 12oz Denim SLIM Fit Model Type 3 Sizing

Size: Waist, Length, Front Inseam, Back Inseam, Waist Width, Knee Width, Hem Width

  • W29: 76.0cm, 81.0cm, 26.7cm, 36.0cm, 28.0cm, 19.5cm, 18.2cm

  • W30: 78.0cm, 86.0cm, 27.4cm, 36.8cm, 28.0cm, 20.0cm, 18.7cm

  • W31: 80.0cm, 85.2cm, 28.2cm, 37.0cm, 29.3cm, 20.2cm, 19.0cm

  • W32: 83.4cm, 85.8cm, 28.5cm, 37.6cm, 29.5cm, 20.7cm, 19.6cm

  • W33: 87.0cm, 86.5cm, 29.3cm, 38.5cm, 29.7cm, 21.0cm, 19.8cm

  • W34: 88.0cm, 86.5cm, 29.5cm, 39.4cm, 30.5cm, 22.0cm, 20.3cm

  • W36: 93.0cm, 87.8cm, 30.7cm, 40.5cm, 31.0cm, 22.5cm, 21.0cm

  • W38: 96.4cm, 90.0cm, 31.2cm, 42.0cm, 32.0cm, 23.6cm, 22.0cm

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