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  • Alden for Jinji

    Since 1884 Alden shoes company offers high-end shoes in the largest American tradition.Alden shoes company is an institution in the purest line of «Shoemakers.» Over 130 years, this iconic brand refines its know-how, focusing around the shoe and comfort. Alden built its reputation by making high-end shoes, and using the craftsmanship of GOODYEAR’S stitching. Alden's popularity is based on its exceptional production than its selected materials through the best leather tannery (Horween in Chicago) in the world. Alden is known for its shoe manufacturing with Cordovan leather, the horse leather with shiny appearance, which is often brown-red color, has since become almost inseparable from Alden. Alden is an art, which goes beyond shoes and an American history.

  • American Optical

    Since 1913, American Optical has been the official sunglasses of the U.S. Military pilots. The Original Pilot is the mythical model. American Optical was originally a manufacturer of optical glass and then in 1876, it began producing sunglasses in Southbridge, Massachusetts. American Optical is considered as the oldest sunglasses manufacturer. Since 1913, the AO has been the official supplier of the US Army for military optics as well as an endowment for pilots to the present day. 

  • Anonymous Ism

    Socks of Anonymousism are woven with passion by masters in Japan.They have a unique style and provide a very wide range of socks, such as heather, multicolor, or tie-dye etc. Anonymous ism is a famous Japanese brand, known for its unique socks. Socks of Anonymous are woven with great care in Japan. Their styles are natural, camouflage, heather, tie-dye, retro sporty or native American. The diversity of models makes Anonymous ism one of the coolest socks brands in the world.

  • Batoner

    Batoner combines more than 60 years of experience and knowledge from Okuyama Meriyasu, creating beautiful knitwear by the hand of expert craftsman with the finest yarns and the method that has not changed since old times.

  • Big Yank

    BIG YANK was founded as one of the brands of Reliance Manufacturing Company in Chicago in 1919.From the beginning, they tried to be different from other work clothing companies by inventing and getting patents of unique and evolutional details in their products, lots of advertising in magazines and fine quality.Their unique details (e.g. Convenient Pockets) attract many people, and lots of fashion brands take these designs, yet. Their unique products are still expensive in vintage markets.Today BIG YANK makes its products not only as fashion items, but as products with same sewing methods, fine quality, and atmosphere that only authentic one has. 

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  • Birdwell

    In 1961, Carrie Birdwell Mann transformed her small house in southern California into a sewing workshop and shop.She launched Birdwell Beach Britches, a brand which became one of the first companies specialized in surf clothes, and turned her living room into one of the first surf shops. Two layers of nylon against water and for surfing, is its concept. Her first employees are her husband and her son. Her first clients are Newport Beach Lifeguards. Over the years, all seven children of Birdwell worked for her company. For more than 50 years, Birdwell Breach Britches has made multi-generational products. The small "red birdies" is present on all American beaches.Little information: these small "birdies" are always made in the same factory for 40 years. This swimwear is an institution.

  • Blundstone

    For more than 150 years, Blundstone has been a wholly Australian owned family business headquartered in Hobart, Tasmania.Blundstone is an authentic brand, world-renowned for its boots with elastic bands on the sides. For Blundstone the comfort has been always a priority.The Blundstone has always tried to innovate. The company revolutionized the comfort of safety shoes with the Shock Protection System (SPS), subsequently evolved by introducing the PORON®SPS x~tra. The best shock absorption in the insole reduces the shock to the feet and joints, and PORON® is the micro-cellular shock absorbing materials, which is the most advanced in the world. Blundstone is one of the rare successful brands with a perfect alliance between utility and style. Everybody loves Blundstone.

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