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Ark Air waterproof jackets are still made in England since the 1980s. Ark Air provides also for the special British forces. In the 80s, Ark Air produced original waterproof jackets with their own design for the famous ripstop fabrics. The ripstop has proven itself today. It is now used by many specialists around the world. Small reminder: the Ark Air ripstop combines fully waterproof finish, the waterproof liner "Drop Liner" which provides a protective further layer, so that if the Ripstop exterior is damaged, the holder is still dry. To add a small layer, Ark Air ripstop is ultra breathable which makes it complicated to do better in this field. Since their creation, Ark Air has always kept their production factory in Great Britain, more precisely in Devon. Small icing on the cake, Ark Air provides for the UK Special Forces and therefore holds all the exclusive camouflage.

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