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Nanamica creates a technical outdoor clothing mixed with high-performance technical fabrics and an American heritage vibe since 2003.


Nanamica creates a technical outdoor clothing mixed with high-performance technical fabrics and an American heritage vibe since 2003.

For making casual clothing based on both “utility” and “sports”, a Japanese leading designer of the Streetwear, Eiichiro Homma founded nanamica in Japan.

Meaning "The House of the Seven Seas", nanamica is distinguished by their comfortable cuts and the high-quality finishings with emotional taste.

Especially well known for the parka and jackets in Gore-Tex, nanamica is making also The North Face Purple Label which is a collaboration with The North Face brand in Japan.

Between Japanese know-how and modern technical innovations, nanamica revolutionized the outdoor clothing by creating a high-level mix of style and function.


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