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Yoshiyuki Hayashi, born in 1956, is one of Japan's earliest selvedge denim designers. 

Yoshiyuki Hayashi, born in 1956, is one of Japan's earliest selvedge denim designers. He started as a designer of DENIME in 1988, then founded his own brand RESOLUTE in 2010 to get back the starting point with his deep love of denim. He doesn't consider the denim as a garment but for him it’s a tool.

All the processes are performed with the traditional method by hands of the skilled craft man from dyeing, sewing to finishing at Bingo in the Chugoku region, Japan. According to Hayashi, his jeans will get more beautiful with a time. He recommends them to wash often to get beautiful patina. For over 30 years, he continues to make his ideal basic jeans.


    712 denim pants

    Resolute 712 is a straight jean with slight drop crotch, tightened from the knee. It has a similar silhouette with the Levi's 505 of the 1960s. This model is made of Sanforized cotton which does not shrink significantly. Take just your size.  100% Sanforized cotton 13,75 oz Selvedge denim Paper patch  Zipper fly  Made in Japan

    216,67 €

    710 denim pants RESOLUTE

    This slim jean is a basic model of RESOLUTE. It's a Selvedge fabric woven on a small scale, which strengthens the fabric. The edging at the end of the cloth is often red but for RESOLUTE it's orange. It's a reproduction of Levis 501 '66 which in time will create an exceptionally special patina. One wash 100% Cotton 14 oz Selvedge denim Button fly Paper...

    216,67 €

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