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List of products by manufacturer Yuketen

Founded in 1989 in the USA by the Japanese creator Yuki MatsudaYuketen creates the unique design shoes with the best material in the world. Yuki Matsuda founded Meg Company. Yuketen is the first brand to be born.He is one of the most emblematic Japanese creators of the heritage world. He has an innate sense for reinterpreting the past. At the beginning Yuketen's concept turned around the famous moccasin of the American Indian, then little by little, the range is extended to incredible shoes, accessory and outdoor clothing. Yuketen built its reputation for unusual materials, a production in the purest traditional handmade by skilled craftsmen. Insoles, Vibram, Norwegian sewing, etc. …Yuki Matsuda says, «Little details make a big difference.» Yuketen is a brand that its uniqueness is its charm. Thanks Yuki.

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