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Since the 1980s, The Real McCoy's has been the clothing brand made in Japan which recreates the most beautiful pieces, inspired by American vintage, such as Jeans, Buco, A-2, etc. The Real McCoy's has been doing not only better than its competitors, but also probably better than its original made in the United States, a half century ago. The Real McCoy's representing the exceptional heritage world. For many, The Real McCoy's is a synonymous with leather jacket, such as the very famous A-2, the mythical motorcycle jackets of the 40s Buco, or the military clothing, etc. The Real McCoy's is, certainly, the best brand for the reproduction of vintage clothing in the world.

The Real McCoy's never compromises on materials, seams or finishing. Its products are the result of many years of researches. Most of the elements are based on originals from the huge vintage collection of a Japanese founder, Hitoshi Tsujimoto in Japan.

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