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Riding High was founded by Shindai Usuki, also known as the "Melange Doctor". He is passionate about American vintage clothing, particularly to the cotton fleece.Usuki studied various t-shirts and sweatshirts of the old time, to recreate its own range of fleece sweat. He draws his inspiration from American machine of 1920’s, in order to find this authentic touch called « the Loop », which is specific to the vintage fabric. That's no bad thing because these machines are in Japan.

Riding High will then use these famous machines for "the Loop", well-known under the name of « Loopwheel ». There are only 200 machines around the world. It takes more than one hour to make only 1 meter of fabric that the Loopwheel products are very exclusive, therefore it is reserved for a small brand community. Very famous in Japan, these machines turn night and day in order to get the perfect loop. Riding High offers a range of sweatshirt and T-shirt of exceptional quality, their know-how is now a reference. 

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