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Orslow is a Japanese specialist in the reissue of old jeans and military clothing made in USA.

Orslow is a Japanese specialist in the reissue of old jeans and military clothing made in USA.

The origins of traditional jeans

Ichiro Nakatsu has been an important clothing collector. Since 2005, he has become a designer and founded orSlow. 

About orSlow

Their concept is simple : The garment has to be durable. He is inspired by the history of denim, also influenced by military uniforms and obviously the workwear. Ichiro Nakatsu is constantly seeking comfort through orSlow. It is difficult to wear other things after wearing orSlow pieces. orSlow, that’s the art of the basic with incomparable comfort. The modernity for classics. In their workshop in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, the production process starts by making yarn. The production of the Orslow denim is limited: although the looms turn day and night, the output is very slow, which does not allow a large production.

Orslow 105 and 107 

Orslow has created a Denim line, now become a reference, the Orslow 105 straight cut and the Orslow 107 more adjusted. Orslow Denim was inspired directly from Levi's archives, more specifically, from the personal collection of Ichiro Nakutsu's Big E (original Levi's until 1971). Orslow is very attached to the period of manufacturing, each weave of Orslow Denim comes directly from a loom of the 1930s, woven with the shuttle of time. It does not matter if orSlow makes denim or fatigue pants in OG 107, the result is always perfect. Compare an original fatigue pants of the 70s to Orslow fatigue pants OG 107, you will not see any difference, the cotton seems to come straight out of the storybooks.


Ichiro Nakutsu is the magician of Orslow who knows how to add the magic to every product he is looking at. Orslow is always trying to do a little better than yesterday; this search for the perfection is a motivation, a path to excellence. Each item is then made with especially authentic way which only orSlow knows its secrets.


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