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The Inverallan produces all the collections of knitwear by hand, in Scotland. Knitted with Scottish Lambswool, they are better known as Arran. The Inverallan is one of the last artisans making everything by hand. Originally set up by a consortium of fishermen's wives, who first made knits purely for their husbands. The production is then gradually extended to other fishermen. For generations, the workers knit by hand, these wonderful sweaters and cardigans in the workshop, definitively one of the last places still active. The Inverallan is the guarantor with the expertise, difficult to find today. The production process has not changed in all these years. All products from Inverallan, are always knitted by hand. Unfortunately, as the years go by, the workforce of Inverallan is aging, which means that they are afraid of hanging up the needles for the last time. This is the story of the most incredible brand for knitwear which could no longer be. Let's try a small piece of historical Scottish knitwear.

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