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Since 1932, Danner has been the American specialist of hiking boots.

Since 1932, Danner has been the American specialist of hiking boots.

Danner, from history to manufacturing

  • In 1932, Charles Danner opened his shoe manufacturing store, specialized in boots.Charles Danner was ready to take risks to be independent for future. He thought really hard as a craftsman because he wanted to create the quality boots never seen before. Since the first Danner Boot, there has been many changes, but the production remained still same quality. It is enough to hold a Danner Boot in your hand to understand that this shoe has nothing in common.Made for intensive use, Goodyear Welt Vibram Sole guarantees ideal comfort.The precision of the design is amazing. The Danner boot is product which is built to last, regardless of the conditions of use.

Iconic models

  • The world of hiking at Danner, saw the birth of several models that become iconic. The most popular is the Danner Mountain Light, a lighter version of the Mountain Pass or the famous Vertigo. The popularity of these Danner models comes simply because they blend easily into the urban look.

Danner in the film :

  • There is a reason why even Daniel Craig wears a pair of the Danner Mountain Light II Boot black in “James Bond”, or why Reese Witherspoon got the Danner Escape Boot, in the middle of the lonely journey in the movie “WILD”...

The cult of Danner in Japan

  • In Japan, Danner is a brand which becomes a cult. In the best shops, they snatch all models without exception, even those used in the military universe. The American brand had become known world wide, by some historical models, like the Acadia, known for military paratroopers as a reference for the jump boot. The combat boots of Danner are also popular, such as Fort Lewis or Recon, serve as a reference. 

Danner quality :

  • Danner is a brand of rare quality, without fault and assures over time to mark the future.


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