Birdwell Beach Britches reissues a cult board shorts for Jinji

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American iconic surf brand Birdwell works in with Jinji to reissue a 60s board shorts for vintage tailoring fans. A bright collaboration between two brands that share the same bond for good tailoring and garment’s stories.


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Board shorts are a rare but key-item in Jinji’s dressing-room. In 10 years running his shop, Julien Lipszyc offered many of them, but just one brand kept him faithful all these years : Birdwell Beach Britches. And for good reason. This brand launched by Carrie Birdwell Mann in 1961, Santa Ana, California, was adopted from the very beginning by surfers of the famous close beaches of Huntington and Newport. Few years later, its plain and perfect models, and its SurfNyl™ ®’s durability also, attracted others such as authentic brands amateurs, keen on artisanal savoir-faire and unique tailoring, people you can find in Japan or in France amongst Jinji customers.


The perfect match


Fifty years after it was created, the brand obviously found its place in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, in Jinji’s shop. Next to other brands, all linked by their authenticity and the quality of their confection.

When Julien went to Los Angeles for the vintage and Americana fashion event, Inspiration, during Rose Bowl Flea Market last automn, he was welcomed at Birdwell mythical factory of Santa Ana. The first board shorts came out from this factory. When it was bought by Matt Jacobson(1) in 2014, the production remained there and the original staff who made Birdwell success possible also.


L'accord parfait Jinji et Birdwell
(1)Matt Jacobson is Facebook Head of Market Development


« We wanted to go back to Birdwell’s roots »


The brand was a pioneer and is still honoring their original commitment to quality craftsmanship with every stitch they sew. Birdwell continues the Southern California tradition of making apparel built by hand to endure no matter where the journey leads. They believe in inspiring people to buy less, by buying better and Jinji shares it with them.


An iconic board shorts


The idea of a collaboration was obvious. Julien has the nostalgia of brands with heritage and Birdwell is definitely one of them. « We wanted to go back to Birdwell’s roots. And out of the brand archives, there was this design created by the brand founder Carrie Birdwell Mann. One which is no more produced. » A short fit reminding Julien the 60s-70s Hollywood icons Jinjin is fond of : Steve McQueen driving his buggy in The Thomas Crown Affair, Robert Redford and Paul Newman playing ping-pong on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid set.

Vintage and perfectly modern at the same time, this model will be black outside and tan inside. « We found the model which symbolises the brand’s authenticity. Basic and elegant like American movie stars were back in the time. Those who always inspire me. I am very proud of this collaboration. It fits ideally with Jinji’s spirit. »


Steve McQueen wearing an iconic board shorts

Board shorts Birdwell Beach Britches For Jinji

Limited edition

Available from 13th June 2019

110 €

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