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Pure Blue Japan or Syoaiya was founded in the historic city of Kurashiki, the denim city in Okayama Prefecture.Since its creation in 1997, Pure Blue Japan has produced its full range of old-fashioned Denim, from the weaving looms with the traditional shuttle and the infinite variation in the quality of indigo. The indigo is also the special field of Pure Blue Japan, which has been continuously improved over the years. The indigo is one of the oldest natural dyes, brought to Japan about 1400 years ago. At first it was used by the Imperial Court of Heian, but it became popular during the Edo period, around 1600, the dyes of indigo appear everywhere, so that it has simply become the "dye of the people." Pure Blue Japan is simply the champion of the indigo. Moreover, their logo is a leave of Indigofera, the plant being used to produce the indigo dye. The denims of Pure Blue Japan are today considered as basics by the traditional fans. Purely Made in Japan.

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